There is nothing better than having a hot shower – the warm water running all over your body and relaxing your muscles.  After a hard day’s work we want to go home, take a shower and not be hit with a surprise of ice cold water.  If this does happen however, contacting 24-hour water heater service in Katy, TX might by a good option.

When dealing with water heaters they are pretty straight forward.  However, you may want to look into these reasons why something might go wrong.

Bacterial contamination

When dealing with water, storms and other issues there may come a time where you will have a boiled water advisory.  In this case, water might get into your hot water tank and start to grow bacteria.  If this happens you will want to have it serviced as quickly as possible.  In many cases however, the water will get hot enough to kill most bacteria.

Gas lines

24-hour water heater service in Katy, TX

Most water heaters today are electric.  These can have their own set of problems as well.  However, if you have an older water heater gas lines might have issues down the line that you are unaware of.  If these become blocked or cut off, you will not have the power needed to heat your water.  Keep up with your gas usage and make sure that you have no issues.

Improper maintenance

You will want to make sure that your water heater is properly maintained.  You will want to check if there are any leaks, signs of rust and that the elements that heat the water don’t get corroded.  If you find any signs that there are going to be issues with your water or the heating unit itself, it is a good idea to take time and have it serviced or even replaced if is it over ten years old.